Monday, 26 February 2018

The Distorting Technique: Lies, Denials, Complaining And Blaming

While about 35% of the American public, still a major supporter, and believers, in political disunity, many others, have discovered, this particular period of time, when a person, with much different skills and skills, than whoever holds the position of the most powerful person, in the free world, becomes, a rather frightening and dangerous time! We witness a time, when some of the most powerful, using negative personal attacks, on their opponents, generally refuse to take personal responsibility, often appear to lie, and then deny it, and constantly complain, and blame others I will refers to this, as the Distorting and Denial technique, and briefly discusses, examines and reviews, some examples, of these lies, denials, and grievances.1. Lies: Political facts - the examiner has stated, for example, President Trump, has lied, averaging over 5 times, per day, since taking office. In addition, when we, "Go to videotapes," as the sports announcer Warner Wolf puts it, we often observe, inconsistencies, at least, in his comments, and so on. Trump changed his public position, constantly, and then, denied, ever said, what he said, regardless of what, he explained, stated! The interesting aspect, if any other politician, caught, said and / or did what he had, they would lose almost all their support, but his main supporters, apparently accepted his leadership, for various reasons. . It seems that we accept, the behavior of lying and distorting, is acceptable behavior, accepted as the norm!2. Denial: Who can forget the President, say, Russia does not engage, or refuse, any involvement, by anyone in his campaign and / or administration, or implies, he really does not know, some individuals, often mentioned before by him , designated, and / or visible in meetings, etc.? If there are others who behave like this, you may say that he earned a postgraduate degree, perhaps a Master, about Denial, because he lies, accuses others, blames complaints, and denies, takes responsibility, etc., while often, jumps. in, and taking credit, even when others are largely responsible for profitable results! This has been going on for years, but because of the huge amount of media attention, and social media, lies, denials, mistakes and grievances, it's happening more than ever!3. Complain, and blame: As a candidate, Donald Trump campaigns against, the so-called, swamp, which refers to the negatives of them, served in Washington, DC While he is right, that many politicians are nothing but empty - Matches, he just blame, and never offer any relevant, sustainable, relevant, or sustainable solutions. Actually, Washington D.C seems more impotent today than ever! Blame and complain, do not finish something, but the rhetoric, it seems to inspire and motivate, many of its main supporters!What the world needs now is visionary leadership, focusing on creative solutions, out of the box, worthy solutions, for the common good, seeking mind meetings! Unfortunately, Diverting and Distorting Technique, seems to focus on the male ego, not bringing others together!

Sunday, 25 February 2018

You have to pay for it

A miserable life in a world where injustice finds its seat, even on the seat from morning until noon, but it seems unpredictable in the long run. With office abuse being on the agenda.The love of power encourages dubious minds to silence the power of love, and their oath of office becomes the opposite of what it says, when elected officials in the forest become blind to voter concerns.The upper classes dominate the entertainer's house, and the middle class tries to open the door, lock the lower class from the door, make them live a miserable life.Political power is achieved by them, who deceive the masses with their promises never fulfilled before the power can be achieved. Life there becomes difficult every second for the lower classes.What can we have as a human right, if the privilege of living a luxury life with the opposite loss. The life in this violent country is bleak for the less fortunate.Tell me about a regime that is completely free from injustice, where all their mandates are given in the atmosphere of egocentrism and nepotism. And lower class life is equated with their stepping stones.Are not they here with us before the dew lets the grass at dawn? Even after screaming at the promise of their lions, after the prophecies of their manifesto have spoken, we just realize that they have just not been tried in reverse order.We give them our strength in the morning, with confidence in the sunny day, just to pay attention in the daytime that we are destined by their own limelight where our hopes are cut off through their dubious and cunning spirit for burning our precious home. comfort.With your kleptomaniac finger you have looted our economy and you are confident that your generation will never fail, even if it never works for life. And the masses are dying of extreme poverty, while you live in a magnificent place.The future never thinks about your critical thinking for a moment, you live endlessly with your beliefs, and do not worry about the consequences of your actions, even when your conscience never let you rest, you do not care. ever.Keep the ball out of your rolling stock.Keep the river out of your running pain.Keep walking and never stop roaring.Constantly violating the rights of the masses.Clearly use it outside the slave.Even the Pharaoh had finished elsewhere.We will see what will happen in the future.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Beast from the East

The Eastern beast will fall upon us. Monday morning and a weather alert from the BBC was out. They obviously did not want to fall asleep as before when the infamous meteorologist Michael Fish, said there would be no storms in 1987 and it turned out terrible. A viewer called the BBC to say that he had heard that there would be a storm on the road.My daughter lives at the Roberts Bridge in southern England at the time, and since her birthday, we went to see her. Only to find branches of trees scattered on rural streets.This time, "The Beast" brought snow and Siberian winds throughout the week with a yellow warning that has happened, even on the highway, indicating a disruption to travel and leg anticipation. from the snowWe have also been warned to care for parents in this subzero temperature, and they certainly do not need to shop.It's a bit painful because I'm planning a trip to Lincolnshire on Thursday, but it seems very unlikely now, with this morning's forecast. I think they will probably play the show as they have done since 1987, until this morning I started to believe it would be bad.Are these all part of climate change? The world must see more unpredictable weather, hurricanes etc. This weekend we were told that spring had arrived earlier with kittens, butterflies and insects appeared, and officially spring! This certainly will not happen, plants and creatures are in shock.Well I can be grateful, I have a roof over my head, I am hot and dry and have hot food, not like people who sleep soundly. 2018 and people still without the essential elements, they say that the majority of people only suffer 6 months of misery, in case of misfortune against them. We still, for the most part, live hand in hand. I can not imagine what it would be like to sleep in the door of a store every night, no matter how deep winter or what weather.

Friday, 23 February 2018

A house book part 2

Well, now I see the second episode about the house plans of a book in Liverpool. To continue the story: some of the residents who have completed their homes or are almost doing so are numerous.We were told that there are 125 homes proposed in this project, why take so long to bring the population to the empty streets? In addition, the bird's eye view in the area shows many abandoned residential streets with several dispersed residents.Why does not the board put all the new occupants in a block rather than pass it on? In the initial interview where they were given the house, where they had to put their own money to pay for the required work. They were told that the council would quickly encourage a neighboring community to renovate together. This is not the case.Another problem arose this week, 39 houses are not part of the original demolition order and for legal reasons can not be released. This citizen can certainly be forgiven for the delay. That is another cause of empty homes. But not only 39 houses are still empty, and still no activity happens, why not? They are also concerned about the deterioration of the house with leaky clothes but they can not fix it.The council has a representative who is trying to entertain angry people, but he really has the authority to do something and he gets nothing. The result is that families who initially took part in the project became discouraged and felt angry and isolated in their efforts to finish their homes. They do not have close neighbors to share construction problems or friends with whom they play with their children.Worse, exacerbated by the absence of work, the empty houses favor vandalism. A family has almost finished their home and will soon move when the troublemakers enter the ruined front door and rear, destroying the newly equipped kitchen and stealing white goods. The family looked devastated, their hard work was destroyed and the additional cost of repairing and replacing the damage exceeded their anticipation and ability.If there are neighbors, noise may be alerted and help prevent the scale of disasters.A very big problem for all these inhabitants, the houses do not belong to them until they are examined satisfactorily as they enter. Pipes must also be completed within a year or they will lose home and any investment. Until the houses are theirs, they can not confirm the contents, so if the intruders attack, they do not have any compensation.The board could have made arrangements, especially since it was aware that this was a disadvantaged area. We must wait until next week to see how the problem is solved and if the system is actually installed.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Why Trump Supporters Still Support It: 5 Possible

Presidential Election 2016, perhaps the most polarized, in last memory. Unfortunately, instead of American citizens who come together, for the common good, and seek a worthy encounter, we have witnessed a divided nation, where the liberals / progressives, against the conservatives, and have existed, valuable, small, middle, where people who have good intentions, are ready, willing, and able to search, compromise, etc.! We, who have never been supportive, Donald Trump, have been challenged, to agree, to almost anything positive, to be President of the United States, to mean and to represent, and, therefore, confused, when so many of his chief supporters still support him! With that in mind, this article will try to briefly examine, and discuss, 5 possibilities.

1. Naive and trusting: Because Mr. Trump, seemingly rarely to be honest, and to his critics, it seems, only a hypocrite, with a self-serving personal agenda, we often can not understand why others fail to consider these things, etc.! One possibility is that they are naive, and want their rhetoric, to be true, hold on to their leadership, and keep their trust in it, and its agenda!

2. Share a clear bias, bias and prejudice: While our Constitution states that, all human beings are created equal, in fact many, have biases and / or prejudices, and feel, they are better, or more deserving than others! The objective observer considers many of Trump's actions, ideas and approaches, based on his perceptions, biases, and prejudices, while his main supporters regard this as truth, and in accordance with their beliefs! The polls show that the main supporters of the President / base, about 35% of the people, and in our political system, where we elect a President, use an election college, and not a people's vote, someone can be elected, by appealing to the red thread, if the detractors, think of it as a bias that is not American!

3. Buy - into his populist rhetoric; and the economic promises, etc: Donald J. Trump maintains a superior ability, to understand populism, and how to market himself, etc! Is it possible, these individuals, continue to believe it, when he promises, a middle - class, tax cut, which is not, or great health insurance, which also did not conform with reality! While others consider his agenda, to be more self-serving, than anything else, his core supporters appear to remain, ready to believe in their hero!

4. Fears: Many Americans, today, are fearful of the threats, both from outside, as well as within, our nation. Trump stocks these insecurities, with his consistent, blaming and complaining, and promoting positions, such as his southern - border wall, and his extremist immigration rhetoric!

5. Believe he's done what he promised: Since President Trump, often, takes personal credit, for anything / everything that goes well, regardless. of whether he had much to do with it, and resorts to blaming others, when anything does not, many of his core supporters, seem to believe he's improved the economy, and made us safer! While objective observers believe, the long-term impacts of his tax reform plan, will be less than favorable, his supporters seem to be happy, with even a minimum tax decrease. While 70% of the public will see the amount of taxes paid, and the largest benefits, will go to the wealthiest 1% of the population, and the largest corporations, the savings to the middle - class are temporary, while tax cuts to the wealthy, are permanent! Short - sighted, wishful thinking, may be the thread, that keeps Trump 's supporters, in his camp!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The road to America is non-violent

Violence is the greatest force in the exile of mankind. It is stronger than the greatest destructive weapon created by human ingenuity.

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

Again we wrap our brains to find effective ways to combat violence in our country, last in our school. Any fight indicates that we approach the problem by violence. We seem to forget that such an approach only adds fuel to the fire.

If fighting violence is not the answer, what is it? We can approach the problem in various ways. The most obvious is gun control. Self-protection and hunting are legitimate reasons for owning and using firearms. However, we do not need weapons of attack for any purpose other than we need explosives, armored rockets or atomic bombs in our private ownership. It is time we made sense as far as we allow the use of weapons in the hands of individuals. The law of who can have what weapons and under what circumstances should be considered in a sane discussion by all of us including voters and elected representatives.

Human rights activists are quick to point out that weapons do not kill people on their own. They're right. We also need to look at the reasons for violence. The main reason is boiling anger in individuals who feel marginalized, beaten and frustrated to the point of revenge as their only option. Responding to violence is a challenge for all of us.

We develop our attitude in our family. If you were raised by angry or abusive parents, you will most likely be an angry and violent teenager and adult. If everyone is raised to respect others regardless of the difference, we will have a good start toward a nonviolent society.

Another influence on our values ​​and priorities is an example set by those who lead and rule our country. The messy executive branch underestimates our ability to have confidence that the principles in which our country is founded will remain important. The federal government with legislators in the grip of partisan congestion also fails to bring us to a positive place. Both branches show a pattern of anger and not a sense of cooperation for our best interests. We can not easily create branches to change because we want to, but we have the option of choosing people who are more responsive to our needs.

Other factors that cause anger and violence include poverty as a result of racism and discrimination, prejudice against individuals and groups, limiting their ability to benefit from opportunities available theoretically for all of us. Discriminatory payments, unequal legal and criminal procedures, and the ability of the rich to buy privileges for their single benefit also contribute. Again we have the option of choosing someone who is more responsive to everyone's needs. Often we have little power as individuals to change our society. Our voice is probably our greatest tool. Our challenge is to learn to respect each other and work together to find leadership that respects us all.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Send in Clowns

Send in Clowns, a song immortalized by singer Joan Collins. In one verse near the end of the song, it reads, "Do not you love a joke? My fault, I'm afraid, I think you want what I want ... sorry, my dear! Clowns, Send in the clowns, Do not bother, they're here" . Joan sings the song Stephen Sondheim, written for Broadway Music, A Little Night Music.

Ironically, the song is not about clowns at all. It's about a woman contemplating the irony and disappointment of her life. Of course, clowns are never sent while playing. But in these difficult times, the clown is in the circus stage that has become the media of the 21st century. Clowns of the Left has arrived.

Consider an article from Donald McNeil from the New York Times, entitled "Trump's 'Hostility' Towards Hispanics to Blame Severity of the Flu Epidemic." If it does not represent an ongoing attack in America, it will be funny. Then there was a recent CNN guest who produced this headline, "GOP Women Are Trapped With Their Abusers, Trump." The absurdity of people accusing men in the White House of causing flu and threatening ridiculous women. We do not have to send clowns; they are here.

We have different types of Clowns in the Left. The clown in the example above is the Accused Clown. Now we will see the Clowns Talked about. See this latest title, "Calling for Boycotting 'Peter Rabbit' Movie from Scene 'Bullying Food Allergy." Does it deserve to be a headline? This is today. And Clown who accuses does not stop there, look at this headline. "Film Criticism Complains Eastwood Does Not Show Sympathetic Terrorists." People are 'offended' that Clint Eastwood's new movie, The 15-17 to Paris, does not describe any sympathy for the terrorist. Critics of the film must wear a clown suit.

Then we have the Celebrity Clowns. In a recent announcement "Chelsea Handler Blames GOP for School Shooting." Just last week America suffered another tragic school shooting, and it's the Republicans fault. "Comedian Blames School Shooting on Masculinity: 'Boys are Broken.'" The Left's quest for a takeover suffered a severe setback when Clinton was lost the election; now they're becoming a three-ring circus of only clowns.

Renowned actor Robert DeNiro recently said, "The Trump Climate Change Policy is 'Temporary Madness'." Insanity? What Trump is doing is the wisest thing. He stopped the flow of billions of dollars into the United Nations, an organization set up daily to become a model for world governance. All climate change, global warming trick, led by the Left has made many rich people while trying to fill the UN coffers with American taxpayer money. And Clown DeNiro actor says that President is crazy.

Then you have Clowns TV. Joy Behar of The View, which was recently proclaimed, as his compatriot babbled in favor, that Vice President Mike Pence's confidence was dangerous and a mental illness. Host from view should wear a clown suit every day. And there is a fair share of Clown Religion. A recent story reported, "The Church Celebrated the Transgender Transition with a 'Renaming' Ceremony." The more followers of God and today's defenders of faith will make Jesus disgusted.

Americans also have more and more Islamic Clowns popping up every day. One of the main headlines that caught my attention was "Muslim clerics warn that Valentine's Day is more dangerous than AIDS, Ebola, and Cholera." Does it even deserve to be news? News from Saudi Arabia recently reported that models for Muslim countries everywhere prohibit Valentine's Day. The idea was offensive to God. Then they went further and forbade the red on Valentine's Day. What century is it

We'll end up seeing Clowns Media; They do their daily circus on the beach TV to the beach. CNN once again reported concerns over the consumption of the President's ice cream, of course a story broke out. MSNBC welcomes President Bill Clintons's former Chief of Staff. He gave viewers a lecture on how to treat women and demand basic ethical behavior in the White House. Of course, the man who parked dishonestly, President Clinton, had sex in an oval office and made 'oral sex' a household word from young to old. Makes you wonder what the Clown Head on MSNBC think? MSNBC then argues, "President Trump 'Commander in Chief of Rape.'"

We in America are remembering it as a free land and a house that dares to be left wondering what next? The old messages of inmates running a mental hospital are true. The clown that I noted is just the tip of a gigantic iceberg that aims to destroy America as we know it. They take the smallest splinter group, make the wrong mistake and push it into our collective throat. Why? Because it works. You see the majority of Clowns control Clown Media and that is the propaganda that Americans experience every day.

I remember being the young Marines, a few months out of the training camp at Parris Island, landing on the coast of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The next day we were assigned to attack the radio station and take it back from the rebels. I know that in a coup, when the wicked took over the government, in the past the first thing they took was a means of communication. This allows them to broadcast their messages and get support. We brought the radio station on a hot afternoon. In the process, we suffered four people dead and thirty-six injured. I was one of the wounded. Here I am sitting today, fifty-eight years later, watching the coup take place in America. The coup that took place today is personal.

We as Americans have a choice. Do we let Clown Media hold the radio station? Do we let the other Clowns of the Left give them more and more propaganda and knock down the freedom flames that the world already knows? Or are we saying enough is enough? Do we open our eyes and see Clowns outside to destroy our way of life. All types of Clowns have gathered to bring down the West.

We people are the most free people ever known to the earth. The God who created this world blesses us with one power over another. Power of choice. Why hibernate bears? Why hummingbirds fly thousands of miles to the south in winter just to return the next spring? How tall is the tree growing? That high could give the environment. The tree could not decide I wanted to be a scrub and it turned out a bit. All life, except humans, is driven by instinct and genetics. Our Creator gives man the power of choice. We can choose to be less than we can. What would you do?